Ceramic Makers

is an online sales gallery that was established by three well known ceramic artists;
Michal Adler Shalev, Ethel Pisareff and Rani Gilat.

The site offers to the ceramic art lovers and collectors an opportunity to view outstanding original ceramic art work and to purchase it

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About us

Ceramic Makers is an online gallery which offers lovers of ceramic art an opportunity to look at and buy outstanding original ceramic artwork.

The Gallery was established by three renowned ceramic artists from Israel – Michal Adler Shalev, Ethel Pisareff and Rani Gilat – whose work has been widely exhibited both at home and abroad.


Each of the artists of Ceramic Makers Gallery has a unique style based on varied and rich imagery, and each represents a different approach to contemporary ceramic art. The three artists work separately in their individual studio, each pursuing their own unique style and technique, developed over many years of honing their expertise. Their approach to clay may differ but what they share is the emphasis they put on the quality of their artistic work from a creative as well as technical aspect.